Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bolus Worthy Pandas.

Sometimes, I have a hard time with high carb, unhealthy foods. Is it really bolus- worthy?

There are the questionable things: Pizza, cereal, bagels. BUT today, I decided it was worth a little extra insulin. For these.
Notice the leftover Christmas wrappers. Oops.
Anyway,  fell in love with these. Here are the originals.

The best part is the chocolate chips... The ones from the recipe are my favorite. But I've been on a mini health kick, and I decided to try a healthier cake. My whole recipe made 33 mini cupcakes, and we loved them!

Chocolate Cupcakes:

1/2 cup all-purpose flour       44 g CHO
1/2 cup whole wheat flour     38g CHO*
1/2 cup almond meal              7g CHO*
3/4 cup sugar                         150g CHO
1 tsp baking soda                   ------
1 tsp salt                               -------
1/2 cup cocoa powder           16g CHO
1 cup almond milk                  16g CHO
1/2 cup smooth applesauce     19g CHO
1 tsp vinegar                          --------
1 egg                                     ---------

TOTAL:                              290g CHO      Made 33 Cupcakes, so about 8.8 g CHO each.
* I took off half the fiber g in these

This is a recipe that's pretty easy to tweak. Any of the flour/almond meal could be substituted for all one type, or gluten free, or whatever you like. I used applesauce in place of any butter or oil, but that works fine, as long as you re-total the carbs. Finally, the almond milk can be replaced with water, or ny type of milk.

All you have to do to them is mix everything up- no beaters needed! And bake at 350F for about 12 minutes. I reccomend using cupcake liners AND nonstick spray because without any oil or butter, they don't want to leave your pan.

To make the faces, I put 1/2 TBS Cool whip Frosting on each, and used Ghiradelli's dark chocolate chips for the ears, eyes, and nose. I just used a little extra frosting, and cake gel for the eyes. The mouths are dark brown sprinkles. All this added about 4 carbs to each, and they came out 13 carbs.

13 carbs of adorable heaven.