Friday, December 21, 2012

Low thoughts.

writing while I’m low just to show how random I get with lows..... Yuck. The computer screen is way too bright, and My arms feel like laed. or jello. maybe lead jello? I don’t know.

So, can you believe I’m low? After cookies and super-sweet coffee peppermint …..stuff?

By the way, I’m not going to edit this post. I know I’ts going to be terrible. Maybe You’ll feel my low.

I think m blood sugar is still dropping. I’m a little bit shaky, and I’m sweating. Maybe that’s the sweater I’m wearing. I got it on black Friday for 40 (where is the percent key?!?!?!) % off. (It’s on the 5, guys!)

I burnt my tongue on tea this morning, and it’s awfully tingly.... Is that the low? I was only 66.... And I had a mini candy cane and a grape glucose tab. About 8 carbs...

I think I’m coming up. I got a great chance to teach one of the moms of my little brother’s classmates about diabetes today. She likes my pump. The kids didn’t care. They said things more like....
“Are you Scott’s mom?” no. I’m his sister.
“You’re pretty!” Awww, Thank you! ( I totally had a Jessie moment.... What, you haven’t watched Disney Channel lately?)
“You look like Scott, but with straighter, and more whiter teeth. And you’re a girl.” Thanks...

Time to retest! I hope this post shows my low thoughts? (Maybe not..... Awkward!  ;)  )


Monday, December 17, 2012

The All too Real World.

I have 3 more days of school this week, and Christmas is in in 8 days! But *Caution* this post is on an entirely different note.

Too much has happened in the last week. Way too much.

I'm sure we all know about the tragic shooting in Connecticut. I can't believe anyone would do something so horrible; and my heart breaks a hundred times over for everyone involved. Rest in peace, little angels. <3

I don't think I can write much of a post about that though.
This is more about how real OUR lives are, as diabetics.
Too real.

I have a friend in a some of my classes who also has type 1. She was out sick Thursday and Friday, and I didn't think much of it. I mean, it's flu season, everyone's missing a day here and there for a cold of something. No big. And we walked to dance together today, we laughed about some weird hat someone was wearing. And then she told me about last week.

Basically, she had been having some high blood sugars and ended up in DKA. It's scary how fast that can happen. Then her mom took her to the ER, and they refused her any insulin. Her ketones were going up, and still no insulin. Then finally, they told her to go to Children's Hospital, where they finally gave her insulin. Then, they decided to take her OFF the pump. Back to shots and start fresh.

She isn't happy with the shots, so it would mean a lot if you could pray for her :)

But it happens so fast. it could be you in DKA, or anything and anywhere else. That's why, even though it sounds cliche: LIVE in the moment. LOVE like you've never been hurt. LAUGH like the world is a joke.

-Katy (=

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Es la mes de diciembre.



Did you notice I am totally practicing Spanish up there?
Yesss. I am a sly one. 
Happy Holidays, Everyone! It's been a while, no?
Anyways, I have been busy. I have finals next week, and I will be so extremely thrilled if I get 5 A's and a C+. I am trying to get back into playing guitar, and soccer, and babysitting, and church, and exercising, and blogging...... (Katy. Don't. Be. Unrealistic.) Did I mention I'm trying to get a good A1c? And basically be a pancreas? Yeah, that...
But Since I'm on a diabetes blog, I misewell share my *limited* knowledge with you. I have to mention a few foods I eat when I am making a sincere effort to get a good blood sugar result. (read: not enough) I promise I am not being the food police! These things just give me a good result! 

1. Greek Yogurt. Danon Light&Fit Greek (Cherry)
 These are only 9g of carbohydrate a container. They are filling, and delicious. I know they're probably part of some weird fad diet... Honestly, I don't care. They don't give me any spike, I ate one an hour ago!

Almonds I like these-5g of carbs for a handful. Enough said!
3. Carrots
Wait.... Carrots, Insulin? What's the difference? Carrots= 100 mg/dL.
4. Jasmine Rice. Trader Joe's. Thumbs Up.

 And don't forget I am on Instagram waaaaay too much! :D