Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Es la mes de diciembre.



Did you notice I am totally practicing Spanish up there?
Yesss. I am a sly one. 
Happy Holidays, Everyone! It's been a while, no?
Anyways, I have been busy. I have finals next week, and I will be so extremely thrilled if I get 5 A's and a C+. I am trying to get back into playing guitar, and soccer, and babysitting, and church, and exercising, and blogging...... (Katy. Don't. Be. Unrealistic.) Did I mention I'm trying to get a good A1c? And basically be a pancreas? Yeah, that...
But Since I'm on a diabetes blog, I misewell share my *limited* knowledge with you. I have to mention a few foods I eat when I am making a sincere effort to get a good blood sugar result. (read: not enough) I promise I am not being the food police! These things just give me a good result! 

1. Greek Yogurt. Danon Light&Fit Greek (Cherry)
 These are only 9g of carbohydrate a container. They are filling, and delicious. I know they're probably part of some weird fad diet... Honestly, I don't care. They don't give me any spike, I ate one an hour ago!

Almonds I like these-5g of carbs for a handful. Enough said!
3. Carrots
Wait.... Carrots, Insulin? What's the difference? Carrots= 100 mg/dL.
4. Jasmine Rice. Trader Joe's. Thumbs Up.

 And don't forget I am on Instagram waaaaay too much! :D

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