Sunday, July 22, 2012


The final pump paperwork came through! I was scheduled to go in a class Monday with it!!!!!!!

But because insurance people like to think of me as a senior citizen with type 2, so we had to call and explain, but they had issues. Animas said we could get the pump Monday if the papers went though Friday. The papers will go through on Monday. Fisrt thing. So now my pump is scheduled for August 6th. That's fine though, because I can still get it this week and get used to the menus, just I can't use it. With insulin. Or any connection to me. But whatever, 2 weeks to not worry about it might actually be good. :) And a pic of a waffle I edited on Picasa just for fun!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Grapes, Anyone?

I carb count them and weigh them. I bolus and eat them 15 minutes after I bolus. I eat them with something.
I actually used to eat them a lot. But since I was diagnosed, I've had  them like 3 times, and I've benn high after I eat them. Every. Stupid.Time.

Has anyone else had grape issues? Funny, but I kinda want grapes :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer: Pool or Diabetes?

Hey Everyone! It's July 19, and we're definitely using our pool here in So Cal! I realize that I actually have been saying some of these diabetes terms for years, before I was diagnosed... but more about the pool.
For example...

Test strips-
Diabetes: a strip that collects blood and is put into your glucose meter.
I actually don't use one touch right now...

Pool: Something you dip in the water and read to check chemical levels
(read: Ketostix style!)

Diabetes: Insulin Pump, no?
monday? pleasepleaseplease.

Pool: Filters the Water

don't want to put one of these on for insulin...

Diabetes: Blood sugar

Pool: Chlorine, alkalinity, ph

so glad I don't have to do this to blood.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camp: What I Learned.

"You should sign her up for diabetes camp."

I rolled my eyes at this, thinking it would be an overprotective D-mama's thing. But eventually, I agreed to go, much to my mom's enthusiasm. And I went. Now, I think it's an amazing way to spend a week.
 I met so many amazing people and heard their stories. I got to see how people manage their diabetes in different situations. I had fun at the same time. I'm not about to lie to you, I can be a dia-perfectionist sometimes. Diabetes camp taught me when to be super careful, and  when to just go with life. I learned how to fit all this mess of a disease into my life while I just live, and not stress.

And remember how I said I couldn't try a Dexcom?
The study was about lows at night, and I've had some pretty frequent ones. They made an exception to the rule about how you must have been diagnosed for a year, and I tried one! It was really awesome to see how everything affected my BG. The sensors were painless and not annoying at all. And we used dexcom G4 systems which aren't available yet.

At the end of the day (Had to say that just because it's annoying, sorry lol ) camp was fantastic. And I need to test now because I feel low. Have fun everyone!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


One last post before camp!

Things Diabetics Think about at Vons!

  • Do they have nutrition facts at the bakery? Those cookies look amazing, but what the heck are in them?
  • Well, if I'm low, I can always snag candy from the candy bins.
  • Maybe I should wear my Medical ID bracelet in case the pharmacist asks. (By the way, I will post on Medical IDs later! But here's a website I like : Lauren's Hope! )
  • Ewww, I hate the juice aisle.
  • Oh no. The pharmacist just saw me. And I was holding a box of chocolate.
  • That looks sooo good! (looks at carbs on nutrition info) Never mind.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Update :D

Looking back at this Summer post, I decided to do an update, despite my summer excitement writer's block.

So Summer School?
Summer school is uber-condensed, so we didn't do a diabetes unit. There were a few pictures of old school meters, and a question about a food label, (Would this help you is you were diabetic? Um, YEAH!!!), but the main thing was when the teacher was talking about ways to get different medications. Basically he said-   " IMPLANTED Pumps, like an insulin pump. This is for people with SEVERE type 1 diabetes. otherwise, they'd get THREE OR FOUR shots a day. So doctors surgically IMPLANT a pump in your NECK, and it just CHECKS THEIR BLOOD SUGAR and GIVES THEM THE RIGHT INSULIN." Wow, lots of problems with that, probably more than I capitalized... So I wrote/drew a basic how a pump works thing and left it on his desk, as a "Look how cool!" Thing, and he read it. Yay =D

I think I'm doing more pictures, and having some recipie issues (more like I use real sugar in recipies and can't find enough Splenda) but I'll keep working. Pumping was updated here, and I still can't do a vlog, and I have writers block, so no totally non-d posts... But news.... Keep reading :)

Here's some summer pix and news:
Sorry It's sideways... I love dry erase boards so much haha

Obsessed? Maybe.

I've done lows in the pool.

Yes, I take lots of pictures at once. Yes, I have an underwater case for my  *my mom's* camera.

Seriously the best :)
Look what I'm gonna buy... So excited!

And I'm going to Camp Conrad Chinnock from Monday, July 9 to Sunday, July 15. I don't think I can bring a good camera but maybe... I'll try. Either way, I will update after. BUT that means I might not blog until after, depending on how busy I am before. So see everyone soon & have a fun summer!