Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Amazing, The Scary, and The Dang It!

D (Well really I) had a crazy day. Pretty eventful :)

The Amazing:
I got out of summer school to find an excited text from my mom. ( ANIMAS CALLED!!!!!) I walked up to Office Depot and she faxed all the forms up. They'recalling back next week for a final confirmation and shipping date!!!!!!!

One Touch Ping-ing soon!
 The Scary:
I went to the doctor for a TB test reading. It was pink and I was so scared it was positive... Thank goodness it was fine!

And The Dang It!
I never forget my meter, so it came to the Dr... BUT,  my mom or I must have dropped it. At dinner, it was gone, and my lancing device. If you remember this post, you'll see why this is an issue. There's no cap to my spare lancing device. Well there is-but it's the clear top for testing on your palm. So I'm testing VERY carefully. Oh well, I'll get one at Target tommorrow :D

But yes- Pumping soon! I can do careful testing :)

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