Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Puppies, Programmers and Lancing Devices.

Three things:

I saw a story earlier about a girl who was dxd and her puppy really helped her. I almost cried because that's a lot like me. My dog Emma is a beautiful, amazing yellow lab. I have seriously fantasized about her since 4 years ago!!!!! Everytime my BGs are really messed up I will just think about her and smile :) Also she was born the day we think I went into DKA.

One of my top sources of views is some weird link. I clicked on it (I know, stupid move) and my antivirus said to leave now. I also have views from Germany (same site). So thanks a lot, German Programmers. Actually this kind of weirds me out.

Lancing Devices.
Also Puppy related. I have a Microlet 2 lancing Device with the Bayer Contour Meter,which looks like this. It makes these terrible noises that used to make me jump 2 feet every time I had to check my blood sugar. Last weekend my dog chewed it up... I had another one but it made me smile. Why? Because I felt like she had just tried to destroy diabetes. I know she was probably wasn't even aware it wasn't a toy, but whatever. At least it was one of those moments where I was thinking, "Haha on you, diabetes."

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