Thursday, May 24, 2012

Connect and Reflect.

Isn't it weird how diabetes brings us together sometimes? In a kind of, Wow, I get it, or ME TOO!!!!! way?
Like today in history we had a sub, and I caught her checking her blood sugar. I was thinking, OMG THIS LADY GETS IT!!!!! I didn't say anything, I never know if someone is secretive or open about diabetes. Me? I'm open, ask me anything, just don't tell me how your grandpa got his foot removed because of diabetes. Anyway, I saw her meter, and I thought, "Oh. It looks like a ping remote. (Yes I am still waiting for insurance approval on my pump) I'm liking this lady's choice of diabetes stuff."

Plus Reflections... I was looking at old pictures on my computer, and I saw some, exactly one year before I was diagnosed. I look so carefree (well I was younger too...) and I wondered what I would have thought if I'd known that I had one year without diabetes. One year to not consider carbs or insulin. One year to grab food and leave. No low blood sugar for a year and a day.Then I found pictures from two years before. (And three. And maybe four, but the camera's date and time settings were messed up.) I miss life before diabetes, in a way. At the same time, I can't imagine not doing any of it.

Oh, diabetes :)

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