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Here's info I probably should have on here!

  • DISCLAIMER: Please don't base any decisions regarding health or diabetes on my blog!!!!! I'm 17 so please use your brain, talk to your doctor,  and be safe :)
  • MY DIAGNOSIS: I was diagnosed in November 2011 with type 1 diabetes. It's autoimmune, so no, I didn't eat too much sugar. I was a little extra thirsty, and tired, and I had lost weight, so my Dr. asked my my mom to go get my labs drawn. It was the day before  Thanksgiving, and so we never heard anything. Then on Monday, we went to the Dr. and he told me my sugar was 597. I went to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and I got insulin and fluids. They set me up with an awesome endo clinic and I've been adjusting/ living ever since. Here is a more detailed post.

  • I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PUPPY. She was born the day I (think) went into DKA and she is a miracle. Emma is a yellow lab. 
Emma loves the hose.


  1. Hey I'm fifteen (a sophomore) I was diagnosed decemeber 2011 two days before christmas!! I just found your blog and I think it's awesome!! Just thought I would let ya know!:) -Cammie

  2. Your one year Diaversary is coming up soon...anything planned?

    1. Probably going to bake blue cookies! What are you going to do for Ella?


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