Friday, September 21, 2012

Lilly Glucagon App :)

PLease look it up on the app store :) It's cool. and read my last post on my new love :)

I have a New Love.

Me making faces at my camera for this post. And quick editing.
Temp basals. Forever. And ever.

Yesterday we were doing hard backstage work in my drama class 1st period. 2nd period, Spanish, I felt low and tested. 76.... Hmmm.... I tried a temp basal, -20% for .5 hrs.
I retested 45 minutes later at 67. Oh well.

Then today. Same drama scenario, halfway through drama I remembered and did -20% for .5hrs. After Spanish I was 96. This is why I love my pump. Animas forever you guys <3

(Okay fine. Medtronic can totally do all this, I made it sound like temp basal is just Animas.... But it's kind of a fake war between me and my friends w/Medtronic pumps, and I love my pump. So there jk)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Silent Sundays: test

A new thing : Silent Sundays. I will never have time on a Wednesday, but some Sundays, I can post :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Butt Bolus.

I love my insulin pump. I love how easy it makes eating. And it hasn't alarmed at me yet :)

I thought it did 5 minutes ago, though.
Today, I am wearing a gray shirt tucked into coral shorts. My pump was in the back pocket.I sat at my desk, and booted up my laptop.
 Beep beep. Ähh, pump alarm? I don't want to change my site... So I pulled out my pump and looked at the alarm history. Nohing.
 Oh, no, I just bolused... So I looked at my last bolus: 12:29, 0.00u.
Thank goodness.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Not a great week. Sorry to put a downer of a post.

After being loaded with homework, having locker problems, watching some old BFFs drift away, having a bunch of stuff to carry around, got over a cold, and a crazy hypo...  I came home low.. I came up...I ate leftover salad, read blogs, avoided homework, ya know.

But I'm a little bit scared.

1. My dog is getting fixed Monday. She is MY BABY <3 (oh, that could look weird if you read it out of context...) and I can't stand thinking what could happen (okay this is me being paranoid, I think... ) Not a big deal. But I love my puppy and I might or might not be borderline crazy about her...  ;)

2. My baby brother (Fine. He's 8...) drinks a lot of water. I worry about him getting type 1. I mean, we did Trial Net on him a couple of months ago, but could that be possible? I DON'T want to think about it. He also complained that his teacher doesn't allow them to leave class to go to the restroom... I think he was trying to make a point and exaggerate, but he says he usually leaves 4 times at school?!?!? Sorry for TMI but- HOLY MOLY I DIDN'T PEE THAT MUCH BEFORE I WAS DIAGNOSED! I want to test him, but he's needlephobic and I don't want him to be diabetic :(

BASICALLY- I have questions... Is it possible to get elevated BG within like 6 months of A negative Trialnet? Thanks :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pictures. For Real? Lows. For Real?

I have this bad habit of using fake photos.

   I don't take very good fun pix with my friends, so on my bulletin board, there's always something totally unrelated to my life... currently a flower and a pretty picture of the beach from google.
But it's pretty!
So pictures for real? No.

Apparently I have a bad habit with leaving my testing stuff behind, too.

   I did it twice today. Once in my hall locker and once in my gym locker. I mean, sure, if I'm not doing much in P.E.,  why tote the whole kit-n-caboodle? (LOL, I might sound like an old lady... I hope not.) So there's two other type 1 girls in my class this year. Weird, I know! (Ever since we've got to high school, though, we don't talk about diabetes. It's like a stupid unspoken rule. Any suggestions? ) Enough with my friend issues.
    So I left my sugar in my gym locker, and clipped my pump to  the inside of my gym shorts, and went out to the room our class was in. It was hot, even with the mild weather and tropical-ish-late-Summer-and-So-Cal-shushed-together rain, so I didn't think twice when I felt sticky.
   Halfway through warm ups, I rolled my hair up into a top knot for a little relief. I asked my friend if it looked okay. She laughed and said yes.
   Then I started to feel a little off. Not too bad, but off. I figured I was high, and tried to ignore it. After a while, though, I realized I was low. Right after the teacher said we had to be quiet. Then low-stupidly-polite Katy decided to wait her turn to talk.
   Finally, I asked to test.. and everybody stared at me while the TA walked me out the door like a small child... And in my very low state I tried to make a joke as I walked by my friend. ("Awkward, awkward,awkward...")
   Finally, I pulled the lock off the latch and dug for my meter. I wiped of my finger, pricked it with my lancing device (aka poker) and somehow managed to stop shaking enough to get blood on the strip. 5... How low am I? 4... What if I'm not low? 3... Oh, yeah I'm low. 2... 5 seconds is a long time. 1... Ready the smarties...


Ate two rolls of smarties (12g) .02U on board what the heck? another half of a roll (3g) and back to class. Weird days. But where do I put this thing anyway, I can't just bring it to class? I did today, but...

Another problem another day, right?
Happy sugars!