Friday, September 7, 2012


Not a great week. Sorry to put a downer of a post.

After being loaded with homework, having locker problems, watching some old BFFs drift away, having a bunch of stuff to carry around, got over a cold, and a crazy hypo...  I came home low.. I came up...I ate leftover salad, read blogs, avoided homework, ya know.

But I'm a little bit scared.

1. My dog is getting fixed Monday. She is MY BABY <3 (oh, that could look weird if you read it out of context...) and I can't stand thinking what could happen (okay this is me being paranoid, I think... ) Not a big deal. But I love my puppy and I might or might not be borderline crazy about her...  ;)

2. My baby brother (Fine. He's 8...) drinks a lot of water. I worry about him getting type 1. I mean, we did Trial Net on him a couple of months ago, but could that be possible? I DON'T want to think about it. He also complained that his teacher doesn't allow them to leave class to go to the restroom... I think he was trying to make a point and exaggerate, but he says he usually leaves 4 times at school?!?!? Sorry for TMI but- HOLY MOLY I DIDN'T PEE THAT MUCH BEFORE I WAS DIAGNOSED! I want to test him, but he's needlephobic and I don't want him to be diabetic :(

BASICALLY- I have questions... Is it possible to get elevated BG within like 6 months of A negative Trialnet? Thanks :)


  1. He told me it was like once... But he went back to like three when my mom asked...

  2. I know you posted this a while ago and so I don't know if he is still having those symptoms but if he is you should test him because you wouldn't want the symptoms to get worse when we caught mine I was only drinking and going to the bathroom a lot so it's possible.


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