Friday, August 31, 2012

Ketchup :)

First of all, the title has nothing to do with the post... Well it does, but it's a bad pun. Ketchup = Catch up? Sorry :)

So anyway, I have been crazy busy with school stuff so I might not be blogging every other day like I did last year. But I will definitely try for 2 times a week, at least one being a "big" post. I got my laptop, and I took a ridiculous video with weird costumes that are on my webcam.. Singing "Insulin Maybe" lol. I just downloaded my camera too, and I changed the blog with some pix.

Diabetes-wise, I am planning for diabetes art day (Yeah September 24!!!!!) . I am definetly considering doing a post along the lines of pump-hiding :) And maybe school+diabetes. (READ: High school and a pump means super easy, fast, and convenient!)

Since I finally uploaded pictures, had to put this :) See you soon!

Monday, August 27, 2012


Look what I saw doing english homework on prefixes...
and high glucose!... What?
Edit: and...
is not fun...

 Literal meanins:
Hyperglycemia- Above Sugar Blood Condition (Pretty Much, Yeah)

Sunday, August 19, 2012


All my friends are doing a difficult sport this year at school, except me. (I'm doing beginning dance.) So while they were talking about their summer practices in the heat, I felt really inactive... and so I decided to go for a run this morning. After breakfast, I had .56U left, and I was 151 mg/dL. Good exercise numbers :  ) I ran for quite a while and I started to feel low on the way home, but I was almost there and I didn't really want to test. But then I came home, tested, and saw a 49 on my meter. Rawr. Juice. But I did have a good run.
On a different note, my pump is doing good :D But email me if you have any pump ideas, or anything unrelated :) I love to hear from you guys! 


Friday, August 17, 2012

Would You Date a Diabetic?

Don't answer... Almost everyone here would say yes probably... I mean, you're reading my diabetes blog ;) and don't worry my post is totally appropriate!

So I was bored the other day, trying to get random back to school style inspirations by taking personality quizzes... One of the links said "Users who took this quiz also took..." and I clicked on it. Looking through quizzes, I saw one labeled: Would you date a diabetic? Of course I clicked on it (curiosity!) I picked yes, and then it showed the answers by percents... about 90% of people said Yes, everyone else said maybe.So seriously you guys, don't worry about it :)

That said, there are exceptions to everything. A few people might not like it. But you know what? If they are going to reject you for diabetes... do you think the relationship would work even with a perfect pancreas? I seriously doubt it. And if they're scared of blood/needles and they really love you? They would learn to look away while you test/inject/change your site. Or they would get used to it.

All in all, you can respect your relationships to not be changed a lot my your diabetes. And if someone's mean about it, you're waaaay better off without them.

Note: BTW I love my pump :) Getting better at hiding it, thankful for the clip. Now just waiting to get One Touch Ultra test strips for my meter ... grr, insurance! Please Comment, I changed settings so anyone can comment, even if you aren't logged in. But I will still remove bad comments Thanks guys!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally Pump Day!

I have so much to say about right now... But I don't have a ton of time... Let's keep this post short and sweet :)... 

And you have no idea how excited I am! (Well, okay, you probably do.)
Bullet Notes Now, I have to leave in 20 minutes:
  • POLL WINNER: Sorry I forgot to post sooner, but the poll about my pump name? The winner is (drumroll, please!) Piglet (for the pump) and Eeyore (Meter-remote) That's what I went with :) (It was very close between that or Barbie and Ken haha)
  • I'm switching test strips... Not a fan of One Touch Ultra strips... But I am very up to it if it means my pump.
  • I painted my nails with a pump on them... tubing included.. more to come :)
  • Hmm. how will I hide my pump under this outfit: Shorts, layered tank tops tucked in with a skinny belt? (That's what I'm wearing)
  • Ahh what if the site hurts? And how do I choose pink or blue?!?!?
  • Katy, this is weird... are you really putting this post up? Yes... I am not going to hide anything :D

Monday, August 6, 2012

Eating Gluten Free

So, I have heard a lot about type 1 diabetics with Celiac disease. I actually know a couple of people with Celiac in person :) So I decided to eat GF for a day. Finding Gluten Free food at Vons and Trader Joe's was not too hard. Then I made a menu, and did it for a day, actually checking to make sure evrything was gluten free. It wasn't too bad, but I didn't have to go anywhere, or eat GF for more than 24 hours. But I definitely understand the challenge of eating Gluten free, or with allergies a little bit more :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I love overnight shipping.

I love Saturday overnight shipping.
It got me my pump.
My pump! but mine doesn't have the tubing yet...
So thank you, UPS, for overnight air shipping on Saturdays. It felt like Christmas today...LOL!
I got my pump in the mail, but I can't actually use it until we get a training class. I was supposed to be in one Monday but there was no Animas rep available. Still getting a class within the next couple of weeks, though :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medical IDs.

Whew.It's summer, and it's been crazy. Forget diabetes for a minute; I've been busy! I saw some cute movies with my brother (Pirates: Band of Misfits, and Brave.) Then I re-watched The Hunger Games. (Team Peeta because I read the books... Gale is cuter in the movie, I know. :-( Anyways...) I've been swimming and shopping and... Working on getting my insulin pump! Hopefully, I will get it Monday, there was a hiccup getting Insets and cartridges.. (read: they weren't approved with said approved pump, as if the pump works without them!) but if the company gets a new copy of the letter, I'm set!!!!!

So this post is about Medical IDs, no?

I hate medical IDs for the most part. Actually, I liked the ones at Lauren's Hope, but I didn't want to wear one bracelet all the time. So I ordered 2 of the interchangeable tags and a tiny clip-on tag. I made my own bracelets and anklets for these. The anklets can be doubled over as bracelets, and I always wear the medical tag on the inside of my wrist because it's just less visible. (What can I say, I'm a 14 year old girl!) The clip on tag is amazing. I can but it on the back of a necklace, or on the zipper of a purse, backpack, meter case, or wallet. I couldn't fit my entire legal name on it, but everyone's first initial and last name should fit. And I put "DM TYPE 1" to make sure I'm safe in an emergency.
The white tag :)
Pink tag on my favorite bracelet/anklet :)
Size comparison!
On an Ultra Mini case
Back of a neclace
backpack : D

Another opton is a bag tag or wallet card. I don't have one but here's a basic example. You can also put a note in the ICE section of lots of phones. I don't even have a smartphone but my phone has an option for this.

 So my favorites from Lauren's hope?

 What I have:

White Medical ID Tag
Pink Medical ID Tag
Round Caduceus Medical ID Charm

What I also LOVE:
Sundown Medical ID Bracelet
 Pink Damask Medical ID Bag Tag
Diabetes/Insulin Pump Purple Silicone Bands
Medical Alert Ankle Bracelet with Heart Chain
Medical Alert Ankle-Heart of Arizona
Pink Mini Medical Dog Tag Necklace
Lavender Cotton Braid Medical ID Bracelet
Custom Bracelet--Choose Your Colors! Medical ID
There are a ton of options for little girls (princesses!) and also boys, plus men and women :) These are cute medical alert bracelets.. or good quality if you don't like cute :)
I hope this helps everyone looking at medical IDs.

Update: By the Way, I wrote this because I wanted to, nobody asked me to. and I also had one of these bracelets on at a water park yesterday and it was great :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

6 things in a moment.

I sigh as I pop the lancet into the sharps container. I pull out the little glass vial and a syringe. I draw up the insulin, and flick the syringe repeatedly before squirting it back. Finally, I draw it up to 1...2...3... marks past the 5. So 8 units. I consider that my daily dose is at least twice what is was a month ago. And these stubborn highs? Oh, and the dawn phenomenon. I woke up at 123. Then a 95, a 94 (yes!) and then 199, 199...

Diabetes is stressful.
We do all these little things, and doubt our judgement. We have no idea what will happen when we mess with Lantus and Basals.

We aren't always "fine."
We look fine, we act fine, we sound fine. If it's not "fine" it's "great."...but it really isn't. One day could be ruined in a split second... One extra unit could cause a scary hypo. One unit short will leave us weak and thirsty.

We need awareness.
We take control by writing our blogs. We support each other. We endure the sugar police. We cause so much confusion. It doesn't matter if we have it or if our family has it, we go through more than we think.

Your help is appriciated.
Sometimes that meal is impossible to carb count. or guess. Sometimes we can't stick another needle in our stomachs. Sometimes we forget to bring sugar with us.

There isn't a cure.
That's why it's hard, and important, and scary.

But we have amazing support.
Thanks to all the other diabetics, we know we aren't alone. When we're 32, so is somebody else. We can cry to the other people going through this, and vent, laugh, share... they know. I am so grateful to know so many great diabetics. They. Are. Awesome. We have our differences. We're type 1s, 2s, and their friends and family. We're kids, teens, and adults. We're having trouble with our numbers, or we rocked the last A1c. It doesn't matter. We're all here.

Keep fighting diabetes. We got this.


It's been a long time :) Working on a post but here's an old one I never put up :) Enjoy!