Friday, August 17, 2012

Would You Date a Diabetic?

Don't answer... Almost everyone here would say yes probably... I mean, you're reading my diabetes blog ;) and don't worry my post is totally appropriate!

So I was bored the other day, trying to get random back to school style inspirations by taking personality quizzes... One of the links said "Users who took this quiz also took..." and I clicked on it. Looking through quizzes, I saw one labeled: Would you date a diabetic? Of course I clicked on it (curiosity!) I picked yes, and then it showed the answers by percents... about 90% of people said Yes, everyone else said maybe.So seriously you guys, don't worry about it :)

That said, there are exceptions to everything. A few people might not like it. But you know what? If they are going to reject you for diabetes... do you think the relationship would work even with a perfect pancreas? I seriously doubt it. And if they're scared of blood/needles and they really love you? They would learn to look away while you test/inject/change your site. Or they would get used to it.

All in all, you can respect your relationships to not be changed a lot my your diabetes. And if someone's mean about it, you're waaaay better off without them.

Note: BTW I love my pump :) Getting better at hiding it, thankful for the clip. Now just waiting to get One Touch Ultra test strips for my meter ... grr, insurance! Please Comment, I changed settings so anyone can comment, even if you aren't logged in. But I will still remove bad comments Thanks guys!

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