Thursday, August 2, 2012

Medical IDs.

Whew.It's summer, and it's been crazy. Forget diabetes for a minute; I've been busy! I saw some cute movies with my brother (Pirates: Band of Misfits, and Brave.) Then I re-watched The Hunger Games. (Team Peeta because I read the books... Gale is cuter in the movie, I know. :-( Anyways...) I've been swimming and shopping and... Working on getting my insulin pump! Hopefully, I will get it Monday, there was a hiccup getting Insets and cartridges.. (read: they weren't approved with said approved pump, as if the pump works without them!) but if the company gets a new copy of the letter, I'm set!!!!!

So this post is about Medical IDs, no?

I hate medical IDs for the most part. Actually, I liked the ones at Lauren's Hope, but I didn't want to wear one bracelet all the time. So I ordered 2 of the interchangeable tags and a tiny clip-on tag. I made my own bracelets and anklets for these. The anklets can be doubled over as bracelets, and I always wear the medical tag on the inside of my wrist because it's just less visible. (What can I say, I'm a 14 year old girl!) The clip on tag is amazing. I can but it on the back of a necklace, or on the zipper of a purse, backpack, meter case, or wallet. I couldn't fit my entire legal name on it, but everyone's first initial and last name should fit. And I put "DM TYPE 1" to make sure I'm safe in an emergency.
The white tag :)
Pink tag on my favorite bracelet/anklet :)
Size comparison!
On an Ultra Mini case
Back of a neclace
backpack : D

Another opton is a bag tag or wallet card. I don't have one but here's a basic example. You can also put a note in the ICE section of lots of phones. I don't even have a smartphone but my phone has an option for this.

 So my favorites from Lauren's hope?

 What I have:

White Medical ID Tag
Pink Medical ID Tag
Round Caduceus Medical ID Charm

What I also LOVE:
Sundown Medical ID Bracelet
 Pink Damask Medical ID Bag Tag
Diabetes/Insulin Pump Purple Silicone Bands
Medical Alert Ankle Bracelet with Heart Chain
Medical Alert Ankle-Heart of Arizona
Pink Mini Medical Dog Tag Necklace
Lavender Cotton Braid Medical ID Bracelet
Custom Bracelet--Choose Your Colors! Medical ID
There are a ton of options for little girls (princesses!) and also boys, plus men and women :) These are cute medical alert bracelets.. or good quality if you don't like cute :)
I hope this helps everyone looking at medical IDs.

Update: By the Way, I wrote this because I wanted to, nobody asked me to. and I also had one of these bracelets on at a water park yesterday and it was great :)

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