Sunday, April 29, 2012

Winner is...

Guess what won the poll?

Most visitors thought that the size of their purse was annoying! Here are some tips!

1. You can use a small bag (that closes) and just dump in your diabetes stuff, and money and phone.

2. Put everything in a big bag. It wont take up as much space.

3. Clean out your purse. Put what you need with your meter and just slip it in!

Also... my meter case like I promised...
And It's organized.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting Back to Life

I really want to go back to my regular life without diabetes... I and I will(with diabetes), but for now, here's what's changed...
  • I get sort of stressed over eating sometimes. I'll have to decide exactly how much of what I want, and then wait 15 minutes, sometimes my family already ate or isn't ready and it's weird.
  • When I go somewhere, I have to carry a bunch of stuff and watch the clock. Grr.
  • Before lunch at school I have to go deal with (sorry!!!!!!) the school nurses before I can see my friends.
  • I actually think about what I'm eating to count carbs, and it "scares" me into eating healthy. sometimes.
  • My friends LOVE watching me check my sugar. They like how the blood zips up the test strip. And evaluating my numbers. And freaking out when they see the lancets.
  • I have countless annoying diabetes jokes :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thank You Pancreas (Like I promised)

Dear Pancreas,

Thank you for working for nearly 14 years. Thank you for making insulin so I didn't have to get shots. Thank you for letting me eat too many lollipops at school, or having too much strawberry lemonade at that pizza place I like. Thank you for letting me learn to have absolutely no plans sometimes. You know what? I still can. But also thank you for not working, because diabetes has helped me make new friends, try new things, learn new info, and show me how great my friends can be. ( And also give me a good laugh sometimes.) I don't want diabetes, really, but if I could go back and change anything? It wouldn't be my diagnosis. There's something amazing for everything I hate. (At least in this situation.)

Thank you Pancreas.