Wednesday, April 25, 2012


In middle school, your insulin is stored in the health office. Which is small. And when there are 8 diabetics and a nurse in a small office, all at a spot with various supplies (big binder, insulin vials, pens, meters and cases) you get the idea. So even though you're going to feel totally awkward when the nurse introduces you to everyone (So, Katy, this is Johnny*. Say hi, Johnny. Are you shy?) you're obviously going to end up being friends with some of them. I'm friends with one of the other girls and it is such a blessing to just say, "Oh my gosh. I have been low all day. So sick of candy and juice." and have somebody really get it. There's also the DOC (Diabetic Online Community), and they're cool to. I'm thankful beyond belief for my diabuddies. :)

* I don't know any Johnny's with or without diabetes.

P.S. Diabetes just means you work harder than your pancreas. :)

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