Thursday, April 19, 2012

Views and Insulin Delivery

*Gasp!* There are people reading my blog! Exciting!!!!! Thanks to everyone reading this even if it's accidentally on google... I'll keep posting tips :)

So today...
Insulin: how can I get it?

So it's a stupid post coming from me, 14 and recently diagnosed, but this is what I've found. Don't let me pick for you. Like I said, it's my opinion to give you a new perspective. This is based on a basal bolus regimen with Lantus (or any other Long acting 24 hour insulin) and Novolog ( or any other rapid- 2 to 3 hour insulin like Humalog)

-Syringes: Oh, so syringes are your least advanced method. You can draw up whatever amount you want, but it can be hard. There's a lot of alchohol wipes involved :) and syringes are light and small. I don't care that much, but also they're obviously something medical to an outsider.

-Pens: Yes, you still inject. Some pens don't have half units, and I think they're big and annoying, although the one I tried was slighly faster and less obvious.

-Pumps: Pumps are connected with an infusion set, and give you more freedom and flexibility and basal control. Some people think it's annoying to be connected, but I am excited to get mine (about a month!!!!!!)
I chose an Animas ping because the meter is a remote... There's a pump for everyone really, though. In addithion, Omnipods have no tubing and Medtronic has an optional coordinating CGM.

Haapy Insulin'ing

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