Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting Back to Life

I really want to go back to my regular life without diabetes... I and I will(with diabetes), but for now, here's what's changed...
  • I get sort of stressed over eating sometimes. I'll have to decide exactly how much of what I want, and then wait 15 minutes, sometimes my family already ate or isn't ready and it's weird.
  • When I go somewhere, I have to carry a bunch of stuff and watch the clock. Grr.
  • Before lunch at school I have to go deal with (sorry!!!!!!) the school nurses before I can see my friends.
  • I actually think about what I'm eating to count carbs, and it "scares" me into eating healthy. sometimes.
  • My friends LOVE watching me check my sugar. They like how the blood zips up the test strip. And evaluating my numbers. And freaking out when they see the lancets.
  • I have countless annoying diabetes jokes :)

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