Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally Pump Day!

I have so much to say about right now... But I don't have a ton of time... Let's keep this post short and sweet :)... 

And you have no idea how excited I am! (Well, okay, you probably do.)
Bullet Notes Now, I have to leave in 20 minutes:
  • POLL WINNER: Sorry I forgot to post sooner, but the poll about my pump name? The winner is (drumroll, please!) Piglet (for the pump) and Eeyore (Meter-remote) That's what I went with :) (It was very close between that or Barbie and Ken haha)
  • I'm switching test strips... Not a fan of One Touch Ultra strips... But I am very up to it if it means my pump.
  • I painted my nails with a pump on them... tubing included.. more to come :)
  • Hmm. how will I hide my pump under this outfit: Shorts, layered tank tops tucked in with a skinny belt? (That's what I'm wearing)
  • Ahh what if the site hurts? And how do I choose pink or blue?!?!?
  • Katy, this is weird... are you really putting this post up? Yes... I am not going to hide anything :D

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