Friday, September 21, 2012

I have a New Love.

Me making faces at my camera for this post. And quick editing.
Temp basals. Forever. And ever.

Yesterday we were doing hard backstage work in my drama class 1st period. 2nd period, Spanish, I felt low and tested. 76.... Hmmm.... I tried a temp basal, -20% for .5 hrs.
I retested 45 minutes later at 67. Oh well.

Then today. Same drama scenario, halfway through drama I remembered and did -20% for .5hrs. After Spanish I was 96. This is why I love my pump. Animas forever you guys <3

(Okay fine. Medtronic can totally do all this, I made it sound like temp basal is just Animas.... But it's kind of a fake war between me and my friends w/Medtronic pumps, and I love my pump. So there jk)

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