Thursday, May 31, 2012


Tomorrow is the night all the girls at my middle school have been excited about for months... The Evening dance! But nobody calls it that. For us, it's semi. This year, I'm toting along diabetes... No pump! It should be interesting... but I have a plan to manage my unwanted date. (Meaning Diabetes in case I'm confusing)

1. I have to run in 1st period PE tommorrow, which will make me run lower all day.
2. I am getting my hair done after school, and having a quick snack. (No I'm not paying a ton, my neighbor's friend does hair cheap and great!!!!!) Then my friend is doing my makeup.
3. We go, me toting a bag w/ insulin & meter etc.
4. I stash the bag under a table. The teachers' table.
5. I can inject for food (in-n-out = easy carb count!!!!!)and If I'm low, there's a whole candy table.
6. I will stop anything to check bg, unless I'm dancing with a particularly cute boy ;) (actually nobody in particular but I am hopeful...)
7. I rock the event in my dress! (Hey, I like it... the price was awesome too... Oh Forever 21...)

Good luck to everyone with the end of year events! Keep dancing like your pancreas works...Or not if diabetics are better dancers ;D Happy Sugar!

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