Saturday, June 2, 2012

Semi :)

Semi was super fun! I love the way my hair and makeup came out, and I am in love with my dress so much, I'm trying to find an excuse to wear it again. My friends were great, even when I dragged them over to a spot where I tried to find someone to dance with....  Sorry guys! But it was really a girls' night for us, which was crazy fun-. I am also proud to say that my BGs were nice too :) But diabetes was there....

  • I came in a little low, 68 mg/dl, but I just talked to my friends before a recheck. Nice. 84.
  • I had a 62g dinner (In-N-Out) and on my 1:15 insulin to carb ratio, I accidentally gave 2u at first, but I realized and gave myself 2 more. This is where I want my pump... All those needles really weren't that cute.
  • In 2 hrs, I was 130 and had 1 u for part of a chocolate bar-yum! It left me at 79mg/dL (for me thats a good #, my range is 70-150, but I know for some that's low) in a couple hrs, at home.
Overall, diabetes affected like 15 minutes of my night. I wasn't thinking about it the whole time, which I think is very (okay cheesy word ahead) empowering to know that even on shots I can do whatever, and Now I feel like diabetes is a little thing in my life, not my entire life. I still struggle with highs and lows and carbs and doses, but I know I can go ahead and finish the school year (Until June 14) and participate in everything. I feel like it's my life again. I'm not perfect, but last night definetly made me more relaxed. Rock the rest of your year and if it's already summer for you, rock the summer stuff... And tell me if you're going to diabetes camp... I'm signing up right now and I'd love to hear all thoughts and experiences! Thanks everyone!

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