Sunday, June 24, 2012

Frozen Yogurt.

Hey Everyone!
 Sorry if I haven't posted much lately, things are crazy with summer school.  :)Since we need a nice cheesy title:
                              Diabetics and Frozen Yogurt!
          So yesterday I went to get frozen yogurt at one of those serve yourself places. One of the places that I like is called Froyo Life. We have more, but this one is my favorite. So anyway, there are 12 flavors that vary a little, some are sorbetto, some are low-fat, our no sugar added (not duplicate flavors, like yesterday there was one chocolate that was no sugar added. BTW the carbs were the same...) Most of the flavors are about 5 carbs/ oz.
I have no idea which location this is. It just looks good.
          I serve (or pour or whatever) mine and then weigh it. There are scales at the counter, since this Frozen yogurt is sold by weight. You can see the weight yourself, so if it's quiet I just weigh my yogurt, no big. Then I use my phone calculator and multiply that (in oz thank goodness) by 5. I would eyeball it, but the cups are deep and the nutrition facts is by weight.
          I've had nice numbers after this, and so I'm not too worried about the major carbs I'm eating. The only problem's I've had are with the toppings, I had no idea how many carbohydrates were in chocolate syrup, so I put on too much, and I was a little high. (168 on my 70-150 range) Yesterday I was 297 (ouch) to start, so I took it to go and ate it later when my pre-meal was 77 mg/dL. 3 hours later I was 75. :)

I hope everyone who has been avoiding frozen yogurt because of carb counting is inspired! And this will work almost anywhere, as long as you have the nutrition facts and a scale. (when I put it like that, it sounds so obvious... well it was difficult for me the first time. Whatever. And about amazing nutrition facts... Go check this out before you go to Chipotle. )

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