Thursday, June 14, 2012


I survived middle school, officially!
And after promotion, I was 230 mg/dL.
Great...     :-(
But I went against everything that felt right and gave myself a shot for a Strawberry Frappucino anyway. No, not the light, the full on 57 grams of carbohydrate for a tall (the fancy word for small)  one. The whole time, I was thinking... stupid Katy... I'm going to get ketones from this...
Then I went to my little brother's school with my mom to help with some last-day stuff.
I left my meter in the car.
I never needed it, though, and later we got lunch at Chipotle with their beyond amazing nutrition facts. I added up the carbs for the burrito I was ordering and, Oh yeah- I was a beautiful 102 or 105 or something. In case you were wondering, this is a crazy day, we don't eat out that much :)

Thank you to the DOC for everything! Now it's summer and I will definitely keep blogging.
Here's my summer plans for Diabetes Cuteness:
  • Get better about posting photos. I am so lazy right now, it's not even funny.
  • Update about my pump-getting process.
  • Post some recipies with carb counts, and less-carby versions for those of us who have issues with eating more carbs.
  • Posting a few non-diabetes posts because yes, I still go on living :)
  • Vlog? Hopeful, but no webcam yet :(
  • Tell my experiences of the diabetes unit in health class (summer school) Oh, boy, here we go.
Happy Summer Sugars!!!!!

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