Thursday, June 21, 2012

Your Highness.

I wrote out a longer, deeper post on some paper last night, and I meant to put it up. I really did. But some unexplained stubborn highs have taken the energy out of me. I was running high yesterday, with some 190s, so last night we used 6 1/2 u of lantus from the previous 6. I. WAS. HIGH. ALL. NIGHT. Fun times, huh? I was 230 before I could correct, then by the time I could,I was 249. Then correction. 195. Correction, woke up at 189. Breakfast and Correcton. 189, Snack and Correction. Finally 126, carefully measured Panda Express, and then 230.We called our hotline for an adjustment, 45 minutes later 280! Correction, crystal Light, and Some Blogging. Fun.
What I hate about being high is the way it makes you feel so natsy. You feel like you're just off, you're thirsty and out of energy. And then it won't correct and you want to scream! The whole time you're just hoping you won't keep rising and get ketones.
Yup. I wrote a letter. Don't judge.

 I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle against these stupid highs.
A ridiculous battle costume... it looks like some weird ritual...

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