Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello Pancreas. Fail Poetry.

This year, my history and English classes were great, all of us are friends having at least 2 classes together. We complained to our history teacher about a poetry assignment in English so he wrote a poem for our class. It was hilarious... So I was inspired... And I've seen 4 other d- blogs with poetry recently, so I'm not that weird, maybe :)

Hello little awkward Pancreas.
You are actually something I really miss.
I wish you could make some insulin.
I want all my islet cells working again!

It all started after last Halloween.
Then my body did something I think is mean.
All of a sudden I had extreme thirst.
Dehydration is totally the worst.

My mom and I blamed it on all of the candy.
It didn't seem weird- it was just dandy.
I heard of diabetes a few times before,
But my few symptoms were easy to ignore.

At a regular check up, I found I'd lost weight.
For lots of people, that news would be great.
My doctor recommended to go and draw labs.
How fun- Needle jabs.

Somehow we delayed this until before Thanksgiving.
It's a miracle I kept going on living.
I even went Black Friday shopping that year.
All the ice tea should have signaled, Oh dear.

But then on the weekend I really felt sick.
Would there have been any worse time to pick?
I wonder why the lab never called.
But on Monday we got the news and I bawled.

My mom drove me right to CHLA ER.
I was cofused- this is where dying kids are!
The nurse that checked me knew this wasn't heaven.

The emergency room wasn't comfortable.
I needed to pee and this room was dull.
I was sick and dehydrated and didn't feel well.
 Still I was conscious that my feet kinda smell.

With water and insulin, my appetite came back.
I felt a lot better and I wanted a snack.
They only would give me tiny  ice chips.
I was like, really, I’m thirsty with chapped lips.

The next day was all about learning.
I was feeling better and the tides were turning.
I had to listen and practice a lot.
They kept on saying, BG, carbs, and a shot!

In the evening my friends showed up.
I was like- don’t be scared of my hair..yup.
At one point the nurses spied on us.
I didn’t know it was worth all the fuss.

A couple days later, I came home ready to eat.
But the first thing I did was shower- what a treat!
For some reason I started out eating very little.
This seemed like the system and I wouldn’t fiddle.

Since then I’ve adjusted to this routine.
Even when, on school nurses, I’m not keen.
Sometimes interruptions aren’t fun.
But that’s just me and life with type 1.

P.S. There's more story... I hit the highlights, though. Hopefully.
 Ewww, just checked BG, 245... Is it just me or are there days when spontaneous sugary foods leave me in range when carefully measured food shoots me up past 200? Twice in a day? (What's wrong with my numbers?)Weird. Oh diabetes... And awkward moments post soon :)

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