Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My end of Year school stuff on Injections.

*Pizza Party- It's during the day, so I have to have my mom show up, but that's okay, I can slip out, and have her check the syringe. NUTRITION FACTS. Are my life.

*Field Trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Bring my stuff and *ahem* tell the nurses my mom will be there. Or maybe she will, just meet me somewhere. I don't recommend it but I don't need a nurse following me either. This is bad. I know, but really I usually do all my stuff myself, just the nurses check at school for legal reasons.

*Semiformal Evening dance! I'm hauling in a d-bag. Yeah! (ummm no. lol.) Well, I'm bring my stuff and leaving it in the corner, not with anything valuable that could get stolen. Since it's after hours, I don't need a nurse.

*Celebrate! Just yay for good carb counting (guessing). Yesterday I got a cupcake perfect :) Which is rare for me.

Enjoy the end of the year and don't let diabetes stop you!

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