Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dream D tech Thursday + More

What is your dream D Tech?

A better meter, that doesn't need a case.

I can't stand meter cases.

It could look like a chunky little cell phone, with a LCD touch screen. The back could have a clip-in cartridge of test strips, no coding. The bottom of the back could have a mini lancing device, and lancets, alchohol wipes. It could have carb-couning and meter-remote features. Best of all, it's realistic.

But since the sky's the limit...

Beta cell transplants.
A closed- loop tiny pump and built in CGM, with insulin, and glucose.
A pancreas grown in a lab.
insulin in lotion form.
CGMs so good you can throw away your meter.
Any cure.

And some more.
Speaking of a cure, I went a cancer walk last weekend, they were trying to find a cure. Most years, I cry at this event. This year, I was quiet, thinking how little attention diabetes gets. So we're usually not in danger of instant death, but we can be. We don't go through chemo, but we do go high and low. We can do whatever we want (okay besides being a military pilot), but we can't go without insulin. And it doesn't go away. I really want a cure for cancer, but I want a cure for diabetes, too. I don't want to be bitter. I just want my "other" life back.

Just some news, on a lighter note:

I didn't make the pep squad this year, I really messed up the tryouts. I accidentally thought about the judges too much and stared at them. One was an old lady who looked ready to eat my head off... So it's okay, I'm doing dance or soccer, I haven't decided yet. I might try again next year, too. :)

See you tommorrow!

Update: 6/29/12
Because we don't want all this.


  1. Hay, i like your pump, its colour and size. I don't like mine it works well but i don't like its colour. I want your's one. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. What brand is yours? Mine is an Animas One Touch Ping, but I know some other pumps come in different colors too :)


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