Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday D Blog

What can I do best with diabetes?

Are my blood sugars always in range? No.
Do I eat more carbs than I've covered? Sometimes, Yes.
Am I always a healthy eater? Heck no.
Do I change the lancet when I need to re-lance my finger? Never.
Do I always carry my sugar stuff when I take my dog for a walk? Ummm...No.

What I think I can do, though, is stay positive and keep going. No, I'm not saying I never get an attitude with my mom. (sorry) I'm not saying that I want to keep doing diabetes stuff. But I know I can keep going, partially since I have to and partially since I want to excel at this, no matter how hard it is. I want a regular life, even if that includes some finger pokes and shots. I know I will do this, and never refuse to work towards it. I love life, and I want to keep it that way! See you tommorrow!

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