Friday, May 4, 2012

Sick of it All.

Why is it that diabetes is so annoying?

This may not sound bad, but I had 5u of Novolog to cover my 75 carb dinner. I started at 75 mg/dL. Now I'm 154 mg/dL. I want to do a pilates video before I go to bed but then I can't correct my 4 points out of range. And the whole time I want a snack even though I feel fat (when I know that's not even true) and I'm not hungry. I want my pump, and I'm stressing about cheer tryouts. I know I had enough calories today, but I want a stupid bowl of cereal.

Would it be any easier without diabetes, though?

I probably would be stressing over eating too much even after a super filling dinner. Which would've been the same (two barbacoa soft tacos), but I would've eaten more chips than I planned, and I'd be way fuller. I would still be debating over the workout video. I would be excited for the big semiformal (not really semi) dance, not a pump. I would be miserable over drama at school, not my blood sugar. I would be stressed about cheer. so I know it's always something.

When I start to think how annoying diabetes is, I should remind myself how life would still be a rollercoaster without diabetes. Oh, life, thanks a lot for being so confusing and frustrating :( But I know it'll get better :)
This is my old MP3 player from 5th grade. Now it looks like a glucose meter to me.
 Thanks for listening to my late night diabetes rage post!

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