Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer: Pool or Diabetes?

Hey Everyone! It's July 19, and we're definitely using our pool here in So Cal! I realize that I actually have been saying some of these diabetes terms for years, before I was diagnosed... but more about the pool.
For example...

Test strips-
Diabetes: a strip that collects blood and is put into your glucose meter.
I actually don't use one touch right now...

Pool: Something you dip in the water and read to check chemical levels
(read: Ketostix style!)

Diabetes: Insulin Pump, no?
monday? pleasepleaseplease.

Pool: Filters the Water

don't want to put one of these on for insulin...

Diabetes: Blood sugar

Pool: Chlorine, alkalinity, ph

so glad I don't have to do this to blood.

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