Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camp: What I Learned.

"You should sign her up for diabetes camp."

I rolled my eyes at this, thinking it would be an overprotective D-mama's thing. But eventually, I agreed to go, much to my mom's enthusiasm. And I went. Now, I think it's an amazing way to spend a week.
 I met so many amazing people and heard their stories. I got to see how people manage their diabetes in different situations. I had fun at the same time. I'm not about to lie to you, I can be a dia-perfectionist sometimes. Diabetes camp taught me when to be super careful, and  when to just go with life. I learned how to fit all this mess of a disease into my life while I just live, and not stress.

And remember how I said I couldn't try a Dexcom?
The study was about lows at night, and I've had some pretty frequent ones. They made an exception to the rule about how you must have been diagnosed for a year, and I tried one! It was really awesome to see how everything affected my BG. The sensors were painless and not annoying at all. And we used dexcom G4 systems which aren't available yet.

At the end of the day (Had to say that just because it's annoying, sorry lol ) camp was fantastic. And I need to test now because I feel low. Have fun everyone!

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  1. I'm glad you had fun at camp!!

    I wish Matthew would wear a Dexcom. At least part of the time. He's deadset against it, since he wears a pump and only wants to wear one thing.

    I get it, so we don't push it.

    But it'd be nice. I'm hoping God will change his heart as he gets older.


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