Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Update :D

Looking back at this Summer post, I decided to do an update, despite my summer excitement writer's block.

So Summer School?
Summer school is uber-condensed, so we didn't do a diabetes unit. There were a few pictures of old school meters, and a question about a food label, (Would this help you is you were diabetic? Um, YEAH!!!), but the main thing was when the teacher was talking about ways to get different medications. Basically he said-   " IMPLANTED Pumps, like an insulin pump. This is for people with SEVERE type 1 diabetes. otherwise, they'd get THREE OR FOUR shots a day. So doctors surgically IMPLANT a pump in your NECK, and it just CHECKS THEIR BLOOD SUGAR and GIVES THEM THE RIGHT INSULIN." Wow, lots of problems with that, probably more than I capitalized... So I wrote/drew a basic how a pump works thing and left it on his desk, as a "Look how cool!" Thing, and he read it. Yay =D

I think I'm doing more pictures, and having some recipie issues (more like I use real sugar in recipies and can't find enough Splenda) but I'll keep working. Pumping was updated here, and I still can't do a vlog, and I have writers block, so no totally non-d posts... But news.... Keep reading :)

Here's some summer pix and news:
Sorry It's sideways... I love dry erase boards so much haha

Obsessed? Maybe.

I've done lows in the pool.

Yes, I take lots of pictures at once. Yes, I have an underwater case for my  *my mom's* camera.

Seriously the best :)
Look what I'm gonna buy... So excited!

And I'm going to Camp Conrad Chinnock from Monday, July 9 to Sunday, July 15. I don't think I can bring a good camera but maybe... I'll try. Either way, I will update after. BUT that means I might not blog until after, depending on how busy I am before. So see everyone soon & have a fun summer!

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