Friday, July 20, 2012

Grapes, Anyone?

I carb count them and weigh them. I bolus and eat them 15 minutes after I bolus. I eat them with something.
I actually used to eat them a lot. But since I was diagnosed, I've had  them like 3 times, and I've benn high after I eat them. Every. Stupid.Time.

Has anyone else had grape issues? Funny, but I kinda want grapes :)

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  1. Weird. I think some food is just like that.

    Matthew likes to eat a tuna sandwich once in a while. If he has it at lunch, he's fine. (We bolus for the bread, not the tuna since it's protein.)

    Anyhoo...every time he eats tuna for dinner, he's high. Every time. I have to add a few carbs to keep him in range.

    Strange, isn't it....


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