Friday, December 21, 2012

Low thoughts.

writing while I’m low just to show how random I get with lows..... Yuck. The computer screen is way too bright, and My arms feel like laed. or jello. maybe lead jello? I don’t know.

So, can you believe I’m low? After cookies and super-sweet coffee peppermint …..stuff?

By the way, I’m not going to edit this post. I know I’ts going to be terrible. Maybe You’ll feel my low.

I think m blood sugar is still dropping. I’m a little bit shaky, and I’m sweating. Maybe that’s the sweater I’m wearing. I got it on black Friday for 40 (where is the percent key?!?!?!) % off. (It’s on the 5, guys!)

I burnt my tongue on tea this morning, and it’s awfully tingly.... Is that the low? I was only 66.... And I had a mini candy cane and a grape glucose tab. About 8 carbs...

I think I’m coming up. I got a great chance to teach one of the moms of my little brother’s classmates about diabetes today. She likes my pump. The kids didn’t care. They said things more like....
“Are you Scott’s mom?” no. I’m his sister.
“You’re pretty!” Awww, Thank you! ( I totally had a Jessie moment.... What, you haven’t watched Disney Channel lately?)
“You look like Scott, but with straighter, and more whiter teeth. And you’re a girl.” Thanks...

Time to retest! I hope this post shows my low thoughts? (Maybe not..... Awkward!  ;)  )



  1. This is awesome!! I feel your low!!

  2. Thanks :) Haha I was low for quite a while that day.


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