Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013.

Happy New Year! Even being a somewhat *teenagery* fifteen year old girl, I have a lot to share with you guys today :)

First off, the Holidays: The holidays were great! Seeing my family who I (believe it or not ;P) love to pieces (I'm not denying that they can be embarrassing, but...) was a lot of fun, but adding a big dose of Holiday Spirit to that just tops it all off.
My holiday thing is pretty simple- I work at good blood sugar, but I do what I want... Meaning yes, I took 9 units for desert. And yes, my blood sugar was terrible after that, but it could have been worse. Actually, most of the day I fend off excitement-related lows. It works.

Second, even though blogger hates me (dumping all my posts-in-progress!) Instagram has been great! Thanks for being so patient with my blog silence. It's really frustrating, but I'm still writing posts.

So happy After Holidays, Everyone!

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