Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Endo Time!

      Unlike SO many other diabetics I know, I actually don't mind going to the endocrinologist. Everybody is super nice, you see other diabetics, and I get out of my 5th and 6th period. I like that. I still hate going to the regular doctor, and I avoid going THERE like it's chasing me with poison or something.

So my mom picked me up yesterday at lunch, and drove me to Chipotle. (Also another tradition I like.) After chicken fajita tacos and diet coke, we had to go to the Children's Hospital parking lot, which was PACKED, probably due to the nasty flu season this year. I went in while my mom parked, and met some other diabetics in the elevator. ("They make pink pumps?" and "Do you have a Dexcom?")

I took off my pump and stuck my finger for an A1c. Apparently they don't need to download my meter because the pump keeps the numbers. Weird, because I have no way to access that when I bolus from the pump.

Like I mentioned, it was busy, and the doctor took a while, but came in and as usual had great advice. She tweaked my target ranges, recommended combo bolus settings, and went over my plans for running and soccer. (I like that sentence, I sound really fit.)

Overall, it went well. My A1c (my best yet!!!) was 5.9%, and I was pretty excited. But even better,  I am on my way to finally get a Dexcom G4!

Endo appointments usually aren't great, but I had to celebrate that one. Good luck on your endo visits!

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