Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday 5!

Hello everyone! Finally posting again! It's my Friday 5 today.. ( like Friday 6?  I love Six Until Me! )

Anyway, here we go:

 1.  Meter Fashion- As you might know, I have a One Touch Ping System. My pump is pink (cute!!!!!) and my meter/remote doesn't come in colors. BUT there are skins for the meters. I had a coupon for a free pump skin, but the way I wear my pump, I don't think it would get used, so I ordered a meter skin instead. I got a purple one :) (Umm yesss. I am such a girl.) I have to say, I love it, it is good protection, and a splash of color.

2.  Reading- Please read Diabetes on the Side. I read a lot of D blogs but this one is cool (: The little girls are so cute! ( I love little kids!)

3.   CGM!- You probably knew this already, but- Dexcom G4 is approved! I am so excited because  I am obviously in love with the things... And colorful? Excuse me? I likes it.  Very excited and hoping my endo likes the idea.

4. Apps-The App Store has a lot of nice aps for BG related stuff.  But honestly my favorite carb-counting app? My Fttness Pal. No contest. Click here for the website. It's actually for calories but they include carbs and there are so many foods!

5. I was low- Last night, after trending high at mn, I was 60 (insert 1/2 juice box, I am super sensitive to sugar @night) retest 42 (whole juice) 55, (1/2 Tbs. Honey) before I came up. It was weird.

Happy bolusing and may the BG's be ever in your favor!
-Katy (:

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