Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Advocation and Childhood Nostalgia

     So I guess that this post starts way back, to about when I was in second grade, and decided to save up enough money to buy my own American Girl doll. I really wanted one that I thought looked just like me, which is funny now because:

a) it didn't really, and
b) it seems a little vain.
     Anyway, I loved that doll, and admittedly dressed her it up sometimes past when playing dolls was  considered a socially acceptable activity. So today when I stumbled across a site that 3D prints dolls with medical conditions and their medical accessories (With insulin pumps in progress!) I was reminded of my American Girl Doll, and yeah, I did go to the website to see what medical "accessories" were available. They have special dolls without hair, and hearing aids, and wheelchairs for dolls, as well as a kit with various casts and bandages. Very cute, in a somewhat unique way (coming from a girl who always played doctor with her toys).

     I LOVED this stuff at one point, and I know I would have wanted an insulin pump for my doll if I had been diagnosed younger. Because of this (and the image of a tiiiiiny insulin pump), I actually decided to call the company and (somewhat awkwardly) ask about diabetes supplies for dolls.

     I ended up talking to the lady for 10 minutes (LOL but also very cool), and she was very excited the idea, she emailed the suggestion for supplies, telling me the idea gave her the chills, and the rep even entertained the idea of a book, which I thought was great, explaining to her the heaps of misinformation out there, hence the recent crossfit controversy.

     Interesting experience, and I'm glad so many people are so supportive of our little diabetes community family.

It's been a really long time since I've written anything, but I'm working on some new stuff! More to come (: Check out @cutediabetes on Instagram for updates!

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