Friday, November 2, 2012


November 2nd! :D So..... My numbers.

My numbers have been baaaaaaad. Bad. Bad. Bad. 

I am that girl who aggressively makes sure I'm not going to be high, and cheers for numberes between 70 to 120. Because I honestly am not very afraiad of lows. I mean, yes, they are life threatining at a certain level. Yeah, thaey make me feel like **poop** and Yeah, what a hassle. But honestly? I don't let them rule my life.

But lately with soo much school stress and so much general stress and coming out of the honeymoon phase and lots of bad combo Boluses? For the first time, I am waaay not excited to see my A1c.

I think my sensitivity factor is off...

But my doctor doesn't want to change it yet.

And that means I'm just gonna keep going. And correcting. And eating smarties after over correcting.

So yes, I am going to take this on.... And maybe keep trying to run :)


  1. Hang in there. Ella's numbers were all over the place last week. They seem to be back to "normal" this week - whatever normal is.

    1. Thanks :) good luck w/ her #s too!


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