Monday, July 1, 2013

Bringing Dexy Back

So, as many I you know, I tried a Dexcom G4 last summer at camp, before they were available. I was very impressed, and I finally got to start using mine last Wednesday! Here are some snapshots (cause you know I'm bringing dexy back).
I brought Pepe to the endo for you guys! Look at all these boxes! 

Ummm. This is the inserter. I think it looks more like a lethal weapon than a medical device, but it's actually painless.

I am so incredibly impressed with the accuracy of this thing. (I think I was 56 when I took this)
I can't keep it on for the life of me. On day 4 I had used 2 big waterproof band aids, a small waterproof band aid, a tegaderm, and lots of tape. And my mom asks why I won't go swimming. 
Overall, I am very happy with the dexcom, even though having it on my arm has made me a little self conscious. It's a big chunky sensor, and doesn't make me look all that great. But I feel great, and that's what matters (:

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  1. Can you wear it on your stomach? That's where I keep my pump. I can't wear anything on my arm because I always rip stuff out aka my pump


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