Saturday, July 13, 2013


        I have been spiking so much lately. My nighttime and afternoon blood sugars have been fine. But the morning and evening? I've been spiking well into the 200s every time I eat. They come down by the time I need to retest, but while I have active insulin, my blood sugars are shooting way up and slowly drifting back down to range like fireworks. Bleh.

        I've tried everything. I have been waiting 20 minutes after bolusing to eat, and making sure I'm not eating all fast-digesting carbs. My endocrinologist looked at my dexcom last week and recommended that I wait 15 or 20 minutes to eat, (I am) and try not to eat something that is 50%+ of sugar too often. (Check.) But even so, I am spiking way past where I should.

        For example, I ate 40 carbs for breakfast- a homemade waffle (not a lot of sugar) and berries. I waited 20 minutes to eat, and right now (an hour later) my dexcom graph is showing 241 with a straight arrow up.

What gives, diabetes?


  1. Looking at your breakfast maybe some extra protein would help ...

    1. Thanks! I forget how much protein does for my blood sugars. A lot of mornings I do have a sausage or egg or something, but I'm going to pay attention to if that makes a difference (:


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